The front page headlines in this morning’s Kitsap Sun, Agreement Reached on Seabeck Marina, evoked a welcomed ‘Hallelujah!’ response.

After a long history of setbacks, work stoppage, and bureaucratic red-tape, the long anticipated Olympic View Marina project in Seabeck WA Marina is finally back on track.

The latest hurdle (renewing the lease agreement between DNR – Dept. of Natural Resources – and the Developers) has been drafted and is awaiting final signature.

Construction is slated to restart within another month or so, with a project completion date of November 2012.

I have to say that I am greatly relieved that this project is finally moving forward. The need for marina services and moorage on the west side of Hood Canal has been a huge unfilled void for much too long. And Seabeck WA is the natural and best candidate to satisfy such a pronounced need.

The Olympic View Marina has the potential for being one of the most positive commercial developments to happen here in Kitsap County WA in a long time. Once completed, I envision other complementary developments, bringing additional business/services to the Seabeck area.

Congratulations to developers Boyer Halverson and Wil Clark, and big thanks to the folks at the DNR for putting common sense before bureaucracy.